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NC wants ignition interlock devices for all DWI offenders

North Carolina lawmakers have proposed a bill that would impact people convicted of drunk driving. Current laws in North Carolina require that individuals convicted of repeat DWI offenses or those with a blood alcohol content of 0.15 or higher to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. A new proposed bill would require ignition interlock devices for all DWI offenders.

Lawmakers in support of the proposed bill said that it will prevent drunk driving accidents in North Carolina while still allowing previous DWI offenders the ability to drive, as long as they can safely do so.

Underage party busted after cellphone pocket dial

Think the dangers of pocket dialing used to be a thing of the past? Think again. Several teenagers were recently arrested for underage drinking after a pocket dial to 911 led police to a house party in North Carolina.

Police said an underage teenager's cellphone accidently dialed 911 and led to an emergency operator notifying police to check on the home where the call was traced to. Police said that when they arrived at the home, they found many underage minors drinking alcohol. They said that they found the homeowner passed out in his bedroom.

North Carolina high school principal charged with DWI

A local high school principal in North Carolina is facing drunk driving charges after allegedly driving impaired in a school-owned vehicle.

The principal was charged with a DWI after the North Carolina Highway Patrol suspected he was drunk and pulled his vehicle over. The Highway Patrol said that he was crossed the center line of the road, over-corrected and crashed into a utility pole. The vehicle eventually stopped in the grass near a pond. The vehicle he was driving belonged to the Hyde County School Board and had damage to the side fender.

How to challenge a DWI blood test

Getting pulled over for drunk driving is a serious issue in North Carolina. It is important for drivers to know their options if they are facing DWI charges.

What options are available for individuals arrested for drunk driving? One way to fight a DWI charge is to challenge the blood alcohol test results. Previous cases have been dismissed after defense attorneys proved that the blood test was inaccurate and that the driver's BAC was not over the legal limit.

Crackdown in North Carolina results in thousands of DWI arrests

The recent drunk driving crackdown in North Carolina resulted in one of the highest number of arrests in recent years.

North Carolina's "Booze It & Lose It" campaign ran from Dec. 7 to Jan. 2 and resulted in 3,147 drivers being arrested for driving while impaired. A total of 110,692 traffic citations were issued during the month-long crackdown in North Carolina.

Supreme Court to review blood tests in DWI cases

The Supreme Court will be hearing a case today that could change the way drunk driving cases are handled by law enforcement officers in North Carolina and throughout the country.

North Carolina has an "implied consent" law, which allows a law enforcement officer to demand a breath, blood or urine test from a driver suspected of driving while intoxicated. Current state law does not require North Carolina officers to obtain a warrant before forcing a suspect to have these tests.

Rand Paul's son arrested for underage drinking in NC airport

More and more underage teens are being charged with underage drinking throughout the country, including politician's children. U.S. Senator Rand Paul's son was recently charged with underage drinking and disorderly conduct after being arrested at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.

His son was arrested after leaving Kentucky and flying into the international airport in Charlotte. Law enforcement officials did not say if he had been drinking on the airplane or at the airport but the airline service said that he was not served alcohol during the flight.

North Carolina man fighting DWI charge

The New Hanover County Commissioner has been charged with drunk driving and has said that he will fight the charges.

The commissioner was pulled over by police for making a quick left turn in Wilmington. The police officer then suspected the driver was intoxicated and later collected a blood sample from the driver to test his blood alcohol content level. The Wilmington Police Department's crime lab said that the driver's BAC was .08 percent. In North Carolina, it is illegal to drive a vehicle if the driver has a BAC of .08 or higher, resulting in the driver facing DWI charges.

Driver gets four years in prison for two DWI convictions

A North Carolina driver is facing several years in jail after getting into a car accident a few months after being arrested for drunk driving. The woman was convicted of two DWI charges after the two separate incidences that occurred earlier this year.

The driver's first arrest was after being pulled over by a cop for suspected drunk driving. The N.C. Highway Patrol trooper said the driver was visibly impaired when he pulled the driver over. Later, a blood test later found that the driver had taken prescription painkillers and marijuana before driving.

NTSB: all DWI offenders should use ignition interlock devices

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that all states require ignition interlock devices after drunk driving convictions. While this is only a recommendation, it may have a huge impact on drivers accused of drunk driving in the future.

The NTSB wants all drivers convicted of drunk driving, including first-time offenders, to be mandated to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. They believe this is the best and most efficient way to reduce serious and fatal drunk driving car accidents.

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